My father has been using the same email for his business for seven years. The problem is he’s been using an email that was given to him from his phone company. All of his clients and vendors know him by that email address and changing it would result in mass confusion and he could potentially lose customers over it. A few years ago, he decided to move from dial-up to DSL and was told he had to keep the dial-up connection in order to not lose his email address. So he’s been paying a monthly payment just to hold on to that email. Now, he wants to switch companies to a better service providor, but his email holds him hostage.

So what can you learn from my dear ol’ dad? Use a Gmail or Yahoo email address and free yourself from being tied to a phone, cable or internet company. Both email services are free and allow you plenty of storage for emails and attachements. You can also have them brought down to your Outlook or Outlook Express on your computer if you so choose.

To Greater Success!

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