So it’s been a little while since my last post on evaluating the two Presidential candidate’s Websites to see who’s going to win the white house. The first round went to Obama by having a more aesthetically pleasing site and McCain won by the narrowest of margins by having better information “above the fold” or visible without making the user scroll. You can view those previous posts by scrolling toward the bottom of my blog.

So now we come to the 3rd round – Who’s Googlicious.

I’ll pick a winner based on searching random keyword phrases in Google and see who’s Website ranks #1 in the results. Of course, I’ll be focusing on the organic (or free)results located on the left side of the page.

My first search for Obama was, of course, “Obama.” And his official Website was the #1 result on Google. For McCain, However when I searched “McCain” a news result showed up first with McCain’s official Website ranking second. Advantage Obama.

Next, I searched each candidate’s name, but misspelled. If you’re really smart, you’ll add common misspellings in your meta tags (a location where you can add keywords for search engines to evaluate) so that your Website is picked up during those searches as well. When I searched John Mcain, McCain’s official site came up #1. Obama did not fair so well. When I searched Barock Obama, his official site appeared on the sponsored ads area, but his site was nowhere to be found in the organic results. So McCain has drawn even heading into the final round.

For my final search, I localized my search with the phrases “john mccain ohio” “john mccain michigan” and john mccain florida” to represent the three swing states. I did the same search with Obama as well. It’s always critical to have key locations for your business as part of your homepage content as well as in your meta tags. I would say these three states are key locations for our candidates.

In a very close race, Mccain was #2 in Michigan, #2 in Ohio and #6 in Florida while Obama was #3 in Michigan, #2 in Ohio and #4 in Florida. By the narrowest of margins, Obama is just a little more Googlicious.

Stay tuned for another battle of Which Website Will Win The White house!