Greetings eBoot Campers!

There are multiple benefits to writing articles and publishing them on the Web. First, each article becomes its own Web page and therefore has the opportunity to appear on search engines. Every time one of your articles shows up on Google, it pushes your competition down one ranking – woohoo!

Second, when people read (and enjoy) your articles, it builds trust and credibility. They see you are a knowledgeable resource in this particular area and that bodes well for doing business together down the road.

Third, they are great sources to drive traffic to your Web site. As with every online resource you will create, you’ll always “Hurl Your URL” – (which is a catchy way of saying add your Web site link to your article) in every article you write. So naturally, the reader can go to your Web site to learn more about you when they finish reading your article. Also, when you submit your article to a free article distribution site like, they house your article in their database and allow others to use your article in their publications (ex: a newsletter like this one or blog). If someone uses your article, they have to copy it exactly how you wrote it. Since you will have your Web site address at the bottom of the article, they will essentially be advertising for you to their readers. Ain’t life grand!

Ok, so you see how valuable it is to write articles and publish them online. But the key to having success with your articles is to make them valuable! How do you do this? Simple. GIVE IT ALL AWAY! What I mean by that is don’t worry about giving away real valuable tips, secrets, resources etc. Your brain is filled with so much valuable information about your niche, it would take years to unload it all. So I like to give away the “goods” and make sure my readers are happy with the info. Then, when it is time to buy a book, product, etc. they will feel confident that it is packed full of value.

When you write your articles, you can use the following template:

Title: (make it strong and catchy!)

Subtitle: (more descriptive than the title, but still catchy to draw readers in)

Body: (Give it away! I like to use the “Five Tips” approach where I give five tips to _______ or five things you can ______)

Call to Action: Give them an enticing reason to go to your Web site, come to your store, read your blog, or something else.

Bio: Here, you give them information about who you are and what you do. This is the place to include your Web site link.

Ok, it’s time to get started! Here are the steps to getting your article written and published online:

1. Write the article (use your next plane flight where you’ll have time with no Internet access and no phone!)
2. Have someone proofread it for errors. Trust me, it helps.
3. Go to and submit the article. It’s free!
4. You can also go to and as alternatives.

Good luck!

Take Care and Take Action!


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