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Sorry for the delay in posting to the blog, but I was out in New York sharpening my own Internet marketing tools while attending SES NY. It was a great event and here’s a short recap of what I learned.

Quality Score in Google Adwords – Since I don’t use Adwords that much, I don’t pretend to be an expert in this particular area. Even in my book, eBoot Camp, I spend one chapter on how I use it – but it’s very basic and meant for beginners. Just for review, on Google’s search engine, at the very top and on the right side of the page, people can pay to show up on any given result. You can decide how much you are willing to pay per keyword search phrases and that will determine where, and if, you appear on a particular search result.

What I didn’t know is that paying the highest amount won’t guarantee you ranking highly for that search query. Google takes into account other criteria similar to what they use when determining where to rank you on the organic side. So let’s say you wanted to pay to be placed high on Google for the words “discount lawn mowers Dallas TX” Google will evaluate your site to ensure that this is indeed what you are selling and you are indeed selling them at a discount. That’s how they decide what your quality score will be. If you are talking about lawn mowers in your ad, but your Web site says nothing about lawn mowers, then you may not rank at all for that search – regardless of how much you are willing to pay Google to be there. I thought this was pretty eye opening. I always thought it was simply about money. But Google clearly wants your ad to be relevant so the searcher still gets what they were searching for. That is music to my ears and will cause me to take a closer look at using Google Adwords in the future.

more to come friends!

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