As more people are implementing what they learned from the eBoot Camp book or eBoot Camp workshops (or both!), the more success stories are beginning to trickle in. Here’s one from a huge eBoot Camp fan, Angil Tarach. She’s a phenomenal person doing great things to service seniors in her community. Keep up the great work Angil!


I can’t thank you enough for what you and your book are doing for my career and goals! My boyfriend Bernie is also receiving lots of good things out of following your tips. He said he’s getting more business off Twitter than anything, and neither of us were on there until you promoted it.

I am an expert in senior care and advocacy, but haven’t had the PR necessary to go further with that. Since I met you at a BBB networking event, where you did your EBoot Camp, and I bought your book, my popularity has grown an incredible amount! I was on a couple networking sites, but hadn’t blogged, written articles, or twittered before your book.

I started my blog after reading EBoot Camp, and had a steady following in less than 2 months, and countless emails, and comments. I am now guest
blogging on another site as a regular, which is increasing my presence

I have submitted a couple press releases, an article, and put the website up for my book, which is gaining momentum by the day, from all over the world.

I am running into people in my local networking groups that are taking notice of my increased web presence, and now noticing how much I do to help seniors and their families. Someone I co-op advertise with wanted to recently hire a PR firm. This firm charges a minimum of $2000 to represent us, and then charges hundreds for each article, press release, etc they do. For less than $20 you can do the same thing yourself with probably better results than you could get from a PR firm. Needless to say, I am not participating in the cost of a PR firm, and recommended they get and read EBoot Camp! This book is priceless!

Corey, you deserve all the success in the world for helping us promote our
businesses! If you ever need anything, just ask!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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