Here’s an email I received from a Graduate of the eboot camp. Warmed my heart and i wanted to share it with all of you. enjoy, corey

I attended a seminar a few months back by Corey Perlman from eBoot Camp. I had dabbled here and there in Social Networking, but never understood the applications towards business.

I took the basics of what Corey taught, and started to apply it to my blog. I would write, and then copy the link of my blog and send it out to my entire email address book. Guess what, after some great responses, I started to have followers! I thought to myself, “WOW, this really works!” I have blogged about specific customers, about tips from my industry, about appreciation marketing (saying thank you), about networking, and the list continues to evolve.

Even I surprised myself when I received a call, 10 minutes after posting a blog about a client group. Snap Fitness in Birmingham, MI had received my blog link, liked what was written and wanted to talk. I met with them one day, the next day had a proposal written and contract prepared, and the third day we started service! Imagine, the blog not only gave me an arena for expressing my thoughts, but it brought me a new client! For all of those that haven’t tried blogging, I would suggest to sit down, write to your heart’s content and use this as a way to “Hurl your URL” and drive people to your website. Check out my blog at and simply click on the link.

Thanks Corey and Jessica for making Social Networking simple, understandable and applicable for business owners, no matter how large or small.


Jay McMillan
“We make GREAT first impressions”