As promised, exactly how I would use my time if I only carved out two-hours per week for social media.

5 minutes (x3) – update my Facebook fan page with something valuable for my fans. This could be a link to an article, a cool web resource, startling stat, provocative question, or something else. Total – 15 minutes.

20 minutes – Find one person or company on LinkedIn that I’d like to connect with. Use the “get introduced” link to have a mutual connection introduce the two of us so it’s a warm lead instead of a cold call.

20 minutes – Update my blog with a story, article, video or something else that people in my field would find valuable. (extra 2 minutes to share this post on Twitter, Fanpage, and LinkedIn via

15 minutes – Find local Twitter people to follow. I’d use or just the search feature and find people in my area to connect with. They will generally follow you back.

5 minutes (x3) Check my Twitter account to post or respond to people. I’ll also use that time to print valuable information others have posted.

30 minutes – Take this time to either write one article or one press release or shoot a quick video to upload to YouTube. With all of these, I’ll add my website address as well as a call-to-action to entice people to visit my site.

3 minutes to spare to Check, foxnews, cnn, or whatever you fancy. You earned it!

Try this for a few months and make sure to measure the effectiveness using metrics such as web traffic, new leads, your presence on Google keyword searches, and other creative ways.

Now get to work!

Corey Perlman