If you’re a business owner and you’re reading this, I applaud you. I already know you’re openminded and at least are giving these new social media tools a look to see if they might help your business.

On the surface, Foursquare might look like another attempt to tell people something about you that only you would care about. Sound familiar? It’s true – Foursquare let’s your social networks know where you are when you decide to “check in” using your cell phone. with that info alone, you may decide this tool is not for you.

HOWEVER, by keeping an open mind and thinking about how the tool works, you might start to think about how it could impact your business. Let’s take my friend Frank and his local coffee shop, Chazzano Coffee. Now serious coffee drinkers love this place because all they do is coffee and they do it well. Frank has made the connection that Foursquare isn’t just a tool to tell people where HE is, it’s a tool to allow other people to tell their friends that they are at Chazzano Coffee. AHA! Now your marketing ears should have started to point upward because you can imagine the branding opportunities for Frank if he starts getting customers to check in on Foursquare.

So should you use Foursquare.com? Well, maybe. It depends if you have a brick and mortar, who your customers are, etc. Thats not really the point of this post. The point is to keep an open mind to new tools that come to market and, at least, explore them. Take a little bit of time and you could stumble upon a marketing tool that can grow your business.

Your first impulse to new social media tools might be “waste of time.” I challenge you to block that impulse out and change it to “Could that work for me?”
make it a great day!