On occasion, I like to highlight reviews we receive about the book. This one was probably the most creative and funny I’ve seen to date. Thanks Barbara – for the kind words and the good laugh.

here it is:

From: Barbara Smith (10/27/2010)

I’d like to tell you that  I purchased your book and enjoyed it immensely. However, I did not…. purchase it, that is. I picked it up at my local library along with a couple of others in the same genre. I just finished yours and was compelled to write and tell you that I actually did enjoy reading it immensely. I didn’t think it would be possible to laugh while reading a book about internet marketing.  Not once did I have to re-read a page because my mind drifted to what colour I should paint the basement or wondering if there are any cookies. Not once did I consider sticking a fork in my eye. You can use that quote for promotional purposes if you like.

I’m a real estate agent north of Toronto and in the process of leaving a team environment to venture on my own. One of my main goals, besides not having to serve pints to drunk loogans ever again,  is to have a significant web presence. More importantly, I want to market myself without the cheese so often prevalent in real estate marketing.  Maybe my tagline should be “The Realtor For the Lactose Intolerant”.

Thanks again,

Barbara Smith

PS I will be purchasing your book after I return this copy to the library.
PSS Re your point about checking spelling… I was really excited when I purchased the domain name “yorkregionproperty.com”  until I realized I purchased “yorkregionpropery.com” Drrrr