The big announcement is out – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is out to modernize email. It’s too cumbersome, he claims. Who needs a subject line and a greeting and a closing – every time?

The man who has us all saying the phrase “Facebook me” just revamped that very phrase once again. And we’re all ears at eBoot Camp. Zuckerberg has minimalized the email concept for future generations, making modern messaging an ongoing and easy-going conversation.

Though sites like were quick to call the move a the death of email as we know, and perhaps even Gmail. Zuckerberg simply noted – in this post by MG Siegler – that “Gmail is really good product” that is being used less often.

So what is it, then?

According to TechCrunch, Zuckerberg’s calling for a Social Inbox. He’s giving a choice between the types of messages we want to give and allowing us to receive them in one place. From SMS to IM, email and Facebook messages, the system consolidates all of our communications into a seamless simple location. It’s meant to be quick, simple and will show a converation’s history.

What do you think about the Social Inbox platform? It should take several months to roll out. Can you wait that long?