Smurfs' Village for iPhoneIf you’re even the most casual of iPhone gamers, you’ve probably heard of the recent crazy Smurfs’ Village by Capcom. Smurfs’ Village is now the #1 grossing game on the iPhone.

The thing is, it’s a free game; so how do they make money? By offering in-game items called Smurfberries for a fee.

That’s all well and good, until you realize one important thing: Your kids can “accidentally” buy Smurfberries without you knowing about it, and some say that’s been happening quite a bit.

If you have Smurfs’ Village on your iPhone, know this: After you purchase Smurfberries, there is a 15-minute window during which you can purchase more without typing in a username or password. If your kids bug you to buy a bucket of Smurfberries and hand you the phone, you might log in and hand it back. Then, if they go to buy more, they can just one-click buy them for the next 15 minutes.

Make sure your kids understand that they need your permission every time they buy Smurfberries, otherwise you could end up with quite a surprising Smurfy bill!