Word Lens translates words instantly.

Apple is known for its eye-catching products and cutting-edge technologies. Products like the iPhone and the iPad have been complete game-changers in their respective industries, often creating new ones as they go along.

But this new app for the iPhone will blow your mind. Dramatic, I know. But I’m totally serious.

It’s called Word Lens, and you can’t fully appreciate its functionality until you watch the demonstration of the app in this video:

Word Lens translates words on signs, menus and the like instantly. In a foreign country? No problem. Just point your iPhone to the words you wish to be translated and voila! You instantly know what the words say in your native language. The first version of the app will only be English to Spanish and then Spanish to English translations, but more language offerings are on the horizon, according to The Huffington Post.

TechCrunch said: “This is what the future, literally, looks like.” So check out the demo, and try to tell me that you’re not blown away. Then, let us know what you think in the comments section.