As a business owner, I’ve always been of the opinion that time is indeed our most precious asset. What we do with our time directly impacts everything – our results, the bottom line, etc. But lately another challenger has surged into the lead for me. It goes by the name of Happy, satisfied clients (or customers). Happy, satisfied clients always pay on time. They believe the value they’re receiving far outweighs the cost. They are our biggest advocates and sell us better than we could ever sell yourself. They brag about us like they do their kids. They send thank you notes all the time.

Happy, satisfied clients are our #1 asset because they are responsible for our current cash flow and future cash flow. They happily pay and they happily sell our services to others.

In fact, I can honestly say that the last five businesses we brought on were a direct result from a conversation with a happy, satisfied client. One of our clients printed flyers of our services and shared them with colleagues at her annual convention. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So instead of focusing on where to spend my time, I’ve started focusing on how to create more happy, satisfied clients. Today, we launched a new service for our clients that will roll out in 2012. I contemplated charging extra for it. Why? Because it will take up more of my TIME. Then I thought about my other most precious asset and gave it to them without raising their fee. Creating more happy, satisfied clients was worth way more to me than the time it will take to roll out this service.

How do you create happy, satisfied clients/customers? Is it the primary focus for you and/or your employees? Do you disagree with the above? I welcome your thoughts.


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