Reason #1: Your Website is not mobile-friendly.

Smartphone traffic will grow 50-fold by 2016

In 2014, Mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop usage.

Are you ready? More importantly, is your Website ready?

If people visit your site on their phone and can’t easily get where they want to go, they will leave and seek out your competition.

You get a B- if your site shrinks down to size of the screen that is displaying it. Yes, we can see everything, but it’s still hard to get our large fingers to click on those tiny links.

Earn an A+ by migrating to a site that uses icons so the user can surf your site with his thumbs. To best illustrate this, go to and you’ll see what I mean.

Reason #2: Your Google Local Business is weak.

I had a phone conversation with a new restaurant client yesterday and we were talking about what 3rd party sites they should be focusing on. In the restaurant business, there are literally hundreds of sites vying for their attention and money!

So I did the same experiment with them that I’ve been doing for 10 years. We all agreed on the search phrase people would most likely use (restaurant Plymouth, MI) and whatever showed up at the top is the site we would pay most attention to. Guess what showed up at the top? Yep, map listings of restaurants in the area and their Google Local Business Page.

If you’re a local business, be ALL OVER your Google Local Business Page.

Get positive reviews.
Make sure your info is accurate.
Add the right categories!

Reason #3: Your numbers are low.

When it comes to Facebook fans, LinkediIn connections, Twitter followers or Blog readers, numbers matter.

Let’s say you were thinking of working with a new accountant this year and you stumbled on her LinkedIn page. You noticed she had…

23 connections.

(In my best Dr. Phil Voice) How does that make you feel about this accountant?

Certainly not good. Maybe indifferent, but you’ll most likely start to question her credibility a bit.

Why risk that?

Spend time each week growing the networks you are participating in.

Reasons #4: Save a tree. Say no to endorsement letters.

How many people see your framed testimonial from 1997?

Request only online recommendations in the places that matter most:

  • Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Google Local Business Page
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Website

Did you receive a recent written recommendation or endorsement? Call them up and thank them sincerely for taking the time. Let them know you’d like to share it with more people and if they’d be so kind as to post it on ___________. Fill in the place where you’ll get the most exposure.

People make buying decisions off of quality reviews and recommendations. Especially when it’s from someone who is in the same field as them or has the same needs.

Let others sell for you.

Did you know?

During our 2-Day Workshops, you will:

  • Claim your Google Local Business Page
  • Request reviews to your Google Local Business Page
  • Request recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Build your connections on LinkedIn
  • Meet one of my Web designers who can build your mobile site for you!

What are you waiting for – we have FIVE spots left!

Ps. Watch the 3rd video testimonial toward the bottom of the page. Frank came to our last workshop and said this was the best 2-days he’d ever spent at a seminar. Really powerful.

PPs. And yes, you can still bring a colleague or guest at no additional charge.

Reason #5: Not driving online connections to your sweet spot.

Where do you make sales?

On the phone?

In a person’s home?

At a coffee shop?

Get them there. Engaging them online is a great start, but decisions are typically made in the same places they did before social media existed.

My sweet spot is face-to-face or webinars. That’s where I give away a ton of value and where we typically build the deepest relationships with people.

I’m giving a free webinar next week and plan to go over exactly where businesses should be spending their time online. With sites like Pinterest and Google+ making headlines, I’ll help you understand if they’re worth pursuing or ignoring.

It will be February 23rd from 12pm-1:15pm EST.

Here’s the link to register:
Social Media Webinar: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Efforts

Now go take action and keep me posted on your progress!


Corey Perlman
eBoot Camp