If the guy who always sits in the third row of my presentations is right and social media is just a fad that will soon disappear, then all we’ll be left with is our Website.

Okay, so even if social media is here to stay, that doesn’t mean the social media sites we know and love today will be around years from now. But, most likely, your business will still be here. And so will your Website.

Our Website is our virtual storefront and is the only true asset we own on the Web. It needs to be nurtured, maintained and updated on a regular basis.

I challenge you to send your Website to 10-20 people and ask for their opinion. Did you hear some of these words?
• Nice!
• Easy to navigate
• Attractive
• Beautiful
• I like it!
• It’s fine.
• Needs some work
• Ugly
• Tough to navigate
• I don’t know what you do.
• Should be on www.websitesthatsuck.com

In most cases, your Website won’t make a sale for you. Its job is simply to offer information, build some credibility and get the visitor to your ‘sweet spot’ – or the place you make sales. That might be in person, over the phone, someone’s home or someplace else.

However, it can absolutely lose the sale for you. If someone visits your site and is put off by too many images or color, frustrated by not finding what they’re looking for or nervous about how old and amateurish the site looks, then they may look elsewhere.

And you may never know this is happening.

I want to show you a recent before and after picture of a client we are working with.

Here’s the before:










And here’s the after:










What a difference.

Simple, clean, elegant, beautiful. All words that came from an audience of 15 people when we put the new site up in our 2-day Social Media workshop.

So, my challenge to you this week is to take a hard look at your site. Are you proud of it? Does it look professional? Attractive? Does it have good, simple, descriptive content?

If not, fix it.

What information are people typically looking for when they visit your site? Do the three second test. Can you find that info in three seconds?

If not, fix it.

Be proud of your site. You own it and it’s either helping or hurting your credibility.

And yes, my team can help you get there. We can do:
• Web design
• A website consultation
• SEO work to help you rank better on the search engines
• And more.

Have a great week!