It’s not often that the whole world is captivated by one single event.

The Olympics have kept us up late, and on the edge of our seats cheering on our country and favorite athletes.

So with Olympic fever in full swing, I thought I’d introduce the first ever eBoot Camp Olympic Pentathlon!  Five events and one athlete – YOU! Here’s how to win your gold medal:

  1. Your LinkedIn profile must have 500 or more connections. Once you hit this number, LinkedIn does not display the exact number of connections you have. So if you have 5000 or 501, they will still show the same 500+ number on your profile. Having 500+ connections is most certainly a credibility booster when someone checks out your profile and helps you engage your connections for new opportunities.
  2. Your Website must impress five strangers.Ask five or more people (preferably people you don’t know) to visit your Website and offer feedback. Give them three choices:
    1. Impressive!
    2. So-so
    3. Needs a makeover

You need all five to choose #1. If you score lower, consider a redesign or upgrade until you’re hitting #1 consistently. Remember, your site won’t necessarily win you the business, but it absolutely can lose it for you.

3. Own your Google rankings. If someone Googles your name or company name, you want your information to rank above everything else. The best way to dominate your rankings is by producing content on an ongoing basis. Do this via your blog, Facebook Business page, LinkedIn Profile, YouTube videos, etc. Try to get the entire first page to be profiles you control or are at least focused on you or your business.

4. A Facebook post with at least 10 likes, three comments and one share! A big reason why we have a Facebook business page is to stay ‘top of mind’ with our customers and prospects. Engagement (likes, comments, shares) is the best way to measure our effectiveness. So try to talk in terms of your fans interests and go for the gold in engagement. TIP: They are currently interested in…THE OLYMPICS!

5. Results that can be tied back to web marketing or social media. Look, if we’re not getting results with our social media efforts, it’s just a time-intensive hobby. So focus on getting some. Set up a meeting through LinkedIn, invite people to an event via your Facebook page, send an eMail blast with an exclusive deal or something else! Just don’t forget to get them away from their computers and to the place where you do business. Once you start seeing results from your efforts, you’ll be more motivated than ever to continue doing it.

If you complete all five events, I want you to comment here with details (proof) of your victories. If the International Federation of Nerds (IFN) agree that you’ve successfully completed all five events, we will send you a GOLD CERTIFICATE that you can print and hang on your wall.

Good Luck Olympians!