Press releases are a great way to get news about you or your business out to a local or national audience. A release syndicated to the right audience can generate publicity, awareness and credibility in a quick and cost effective way.

The first step is crafting the release. Here are a few tips for creating a great one:

  • Submit Early in the Week – You’ll maximize your release’s pickup for the week.
  • Be Visual – Add images, logos, and other documents that you think would add to the release.
  • Focus on Keywords – Make sure your release is Search Engine Optimized.  Ensure that your title and opening paragraph include words that are relevant to your industry.  Note: The keywords used at the very beginning of your release are the most important, as they’re more likely to get picked up by search engines.

In the past, you had to submit electronic press releases to individual media sources, but now there are sites that do this for you.  They provide a broader audience reach, and can promote your story in various locations.

You can submit your online release to two types of sites – free and paid.  Two of the best paid online press release sites are, and  PRWeb continues to be #1 in SEO, and according to their site, “We employ technologies on our site as well as in our content syndication to ensure compliance with SEO best practices.”  EmailWire is also impressive, as they boost SEO practices, distribution to thousands of RSS feeds and blogs, and have options to send unlimited releases at a flat rate.

A quality free submission site is

The major difference? Free sites just publish the release to the web, and the paid sites actually get your release syndicated on other news sites.

Recommendation from Corey: 

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