Pinterest, the popular social network that allows you to “pin” your favorite recipes, crafts, quotes, and more, recently launched two brand new features.

Pinterest is in line with the trends, and one of those is to include business in social media.  More and more businesses are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to generate business and interact with their customer base.  Companies realize that this is great for their business, and allows their customers to have a closer relationship with their brand.  It also gives insight into what the customer wants, which generates more ideas and revenue to businesses.  Pinterest is now on the bandwagon as well, and has become a place for businesses to market and engage.

Additionally, Pinterest is upping the privacy for “pins,” and it has created features that allow you to keep some of your favorites to yourself.

 eBoot Camp client Dale Carnegie of Ohio’s Pinterest business page

Pinterest for Business:  As mentioned above, Pinterest now allows businesses to create their own pages.  This keeps personal and business separate, and enables business pages to be more focused on marketing and customer engagement.  Clients can view a business Pinterest board and see new products, ideas, or thoughts from leading brands and organizations.  If you go to, you can convert a personal account to a business account, or simply sign up for a business account from scratch.

Secret Boards: This is another new Pinterest feature, and it allows you to have up to 3 secret boards.  This feature is nice, as it enables you to store business ideas, thoughts, and personal items that you may not want to post to the general feed.  To active your secret boards, login to  Click “Add” in the top right corner, select “Create a Board,” then slide the “Secret” button to “On.”

Pinterest will continue to add more and more features to make it a user-friendly, socially engaging platform.  Have you tried the new Pinterest features?  Will you add a business page?