If you have a Facebook page, you may have noticed the “Promoted Posts” feature, or the small “Promote” wording at the bottom of a post.  Promoted Posts allow personal and business page posts to become more widely seen, or to appear higher up on news feeds.  Surprisingly, Facebook only allows approximately 16% of your fans to see all of your posts.

The basic premise behind Promoted Posts is to gain exposure from your audience.  For a cost, you can now pay Facebook to allow your posts to be seen by more fans.

 Examples of the Promoted Posts feature on Facebook

It can get expensive if you promote every post you share on your Facebook page. So we recommend using it only for posts that can generate a result. Below are a few examples.

Web Traffic: As a business, when you post something that brings traffic back to your website, that is a key time to use the Promote feature.  Especially if your post is popular, or you can predict that it will be popular, you can drive a lot of traffic back to your website.  If you practice this strategically, and over time, you may find that your web traffic has greatly increased.

More Attendees:
When posting a special event, seminar, festival, or something similar, promotion can be very helpful.  The feature will reach more fans, which typically turns into more attendees to your event.

If your business is running a sale or deal, that is something to be promoted.  Again, this brings attention to something that people are interested in, and it also means more business and sales for you.

Special Events:
For personal pages, you may feel inclined to promote a special event.  People use this for weddings, engagements, career moves, births, and so on.  It can bring your posts to the top and allow more people to see them, ensuring that they don’t miss key moments in your life.

Promoted Posts cost money, but they can truly help you or your business target enough people to make a difference.  If people aren’t seeing your important posts, they can’t act on your offerings.  Have you used Promoted Posts on Facebook?