This year, one of the greatest speakers and authors of our time passed away – Dr. Stephen Covey.

Dr. Covey had a tremendous impact on how I manage my time and the areas where I spend that time. Although I first heard it many years ago, to this day, I still refer to the time management matrix he created in almost all of my speeches.

There are four boxes where we can spend our time, and the one we often leave empty is the Important/Not Urgent box. This is the box that usually can have the greatest impact on our business, yet it often gets left empty.

In general, I find December to be a great month to work in the Important/Not Urgent box. So today, we wanted to offer a few areas on the web that we’d consider appropriate for that box. They are as follows:

1. Update the content on your Website. This is the place where you’re going to make or lose many sales next year. You need content on each of your web pages that easy describes the valuable service or product you offer and an easy way to buy from you if the visitor is so inclined. You wouldn’t believe how often we screw this up. Go to each of your pages and read the content. How can you improve it? Is it too technical? Too long winded? Are you talking about YOU too much? Write for them, write succinctly, and write in an a way that everyone can understand.
2. Update your profiles. Make sure your social media profiles are ready for an audience.  On LinkedIn, include a higher quality photo, create a better professional summary, and work to add more relevant connections.  For Facebook, select a timeline cover that is professional, inviting, and explains your business well.  And always include a detailed About Us section! So many businesses forget this step, but it’s the perfect place to let customers know what you’re all about.

3. Where are you lagging behind? This is the area where you always say, “I’ll get to that when I have time.” It might be starting an email marketing campaign, it might be redoing your Website or starting to connect on a social media site where you know your prospects and customers are hanging out. Well this is the time. You may not do the work, but you can get it started so it’s up and running on January 1st.

If you’re having trouble with #3, we certainly can help you with that. We can either have a private consultation with your company and figure it out together, or we can do the work for you in 2013. Send us an email at about what your needs are and we’ll schedule a call with you to discuss.
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