Video has always been a highly effective way to engage a  digital audience. And Twitter is finally jumping on the video bandwagon.

Twitter is bringing video to its platform through an innovative service called Vine.  Vine is a mobile app that allows you to “capture and share short looping videos,” according to Twitter’s website.  These videos are posted and shared through your Twitter feed, and allow you to engage with more than just text.  Tweets have always been meant to inspire creativity, and that’s the similar goal shared with Vine.

The catch?  These videos are only 6 seconds or less!

For businesses, Vine is a useful tool, as it’s always helpful to connect to your audience through another platform.  6 second videos are a challenge, but when they’re done correctly, they can be used to bring more clicks and visits to your site.

Users typically feel more connected to a brand or company through video, and this is a quick, effective way to grab their attention.  The entertainment factor is not lost on your audience either, and Vine makes that part easy.  Short videos are one of the most intriguing methods of sharing, so engagement should be high with these posts.  So far, various brands are using vine for special announcements and new product launches, among other things.

You can also click here to get more information and see more examples of Vine videos.

Vine is now available for free on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Will you be trying Vine for your business?

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