Time is the #1 challenge people have with digital marketing.
  • I don’t have time to check my social media accounts daily.todolist
  • When will I find the time to write an article for my blog?
  • I’d love to get a video on YouTube…when God creates an extra hour in the day.
I hear these all the time and they are legitimate challenges. We all have to find ways to use leverage in our digital marketing efforts.

Here are a few ways we use leverage so I’m not behind a computer screen 24/7:

  • Use Guest Writers. There are a lot of talented people who love to write and would like to get some increased exposure. If you bring this up enough to people in your network, you’ll start to create some opportunities that will be a win/win for both of you. You’ll get some great content that’s valuable to your audience and the writer will get some nice exposure to your audience. Just make sure the writer is not a direct competitor.
  • Use www.Zerys.com. This is an article marketplace. You can ask for an article you’d like written and the amount you’re willing to pay. Writers will submit articles to you and you only pay for the one you end up using. Pretty cool!
  • Use your employees! I have some of the most talented employees in the world! In fact, one often writes this newsletter! Fire yourself from writing and let others express their expertise on your topic. You’ll be surprised just how good they are – sometimes even better than you!
  • Take the content from your articles and use it for social media. I often recommend using the 3, 5, or 7 bullet strategy for articles. People love to read bullets as they are easy to consume and remember. You can use those bullets in your social media for the week. If you create five bullets for your article of the week, then you’ve just created your social media posts for the next five days.

Those are some ways to use leverage in creating your digital marketing content. What are some other ways you use leverage on the web?