Fine Line Between Help and Harassment!
Two businesses caught my attention this week. One was a landscape company and the other a dentist office. Both accomplished their goal of getting in front of me, but only one was successful in my eyes.317
As I drove through my neighborhood, I was greeted by the landscaper’s signs planted in the ground of multiple yards. They even stuck their signs in the ground of the front entrance of our neighborhood. I was annoyed. Yes, they got my attention, but I’m not sure annoying prospects was their ultimate goal. The dentist stuck a letter in my mailbox. It was addressed to me personally and, yes, they got this social media guy to open it. Inside were five very helpful tips to keeping my mouth healthy and protected from gum disease. There was no selling, just helpful information and an offer for a free exam should I ever need a new dentist. I wasn’t put off and they’ll be on the short list as I explore new dentists for our family.
I suggest the same approach as you think about your digital marketing strategy. Help people. That’s it – just help people. Use those magical two words in everything you do online. Over time, you will reap a wonderful harvest of new prospects and customers because of all the helpful seeds you planted.
This week’s video is an important step in your ability to help more people. When you do the strategy I teach in the video below, you’ll be able to deliver more value to people who visit your Website. Enjoy.
Watch this. My friend David Newman delivered one of the best Webinars I’ve seen in a long time. You will learn: 
  • How you may be doing “spray and pray marketing” and not even know it
  • Buyer persona marketing – what it is, what it means, and why you must do it
  • Marketing data you need – and marketing data you don’t – and how to tell the difference
  • The most important feelings, thoughts, and emotions that your marketing needs to trigger
  • The 5R formula – right prospect, right time, right reason, right problem, right solution
  • Fine-tuning your marketing mix to boost engagement, maximize value, and boost sales
  • How to inject your marketing with more focus, more momentum, and more fun 

Think of a tip or strategy that would HELP your Facebook fans or LinkedIn connections. I want this to come from your mind – even if you work for another company. The more valuable the tip or suggestion, the more your connections will engage and share your post. Post it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or all three!
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