Advertising can be one of the most daunting things in dealing with social media:

How do you do it?

Is it effective?

Will anyone see my ads?

There are multiple options to choose from when using Facebook advertising, and we’ve spent a lot of time finding the ones that are most successful.

By following what works for your clients and prospects, your business can run successful ad campaigns that generate sales and buzz to your social media pages.  Below, you’ll find some best-practices that we’ve learned through years of offering Facebook ads to our clients.

A little eBoot Camp inside information…

What’s our current #1 strategy for generating leads?

Facebook ads.

There are three different ways to advertise on Facebook – sidebar ads, sponsored stories, and promoted posts.  This week’s video discusses the benefits of Facebook ads and how they work to generate leads, clients, and sales.
Create a Positive Experience

According to Mashable:

 “Facebook ads were clicked 29% more often in 2013, and the return to investors was 58% higher than last year. Other advertising metrics like cost-per-click were lower (by 40%), meaning advertising on Facebook is becoming cheaper and more effective, according to Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst of Adobe’s Digital Index.”

Facebook ads are becoming more and more popular as businesses see the increased benefit in using them.

Our favorite option for Facebook advertising is the promoted post.  Promoted posts are great since they’re integrated into the user’s Facebook experience.  These ads look just like a regular Facebook post, and it shows up in your news feed. By offering value in your message, you can avoid being seen as obnoxious and create a positive experience and reaction from your clients and prospects.

To create a promoted post:

Where you go to create a new status, type your ad, job posting, event, or whatever type of post that you want to be promoted.

Click “Boost Post” and set your budget.

Promote Your Page

If you don’t have anything you want to promote (or you just want more Facebok fans), run a page promotion.

If you’re looking for more fans, give this a try today!

Page promotions are easy, budget-friendly, and highly successful. In our experience with clients, we typically see an increase of 50-75 new “likes” with a $5 per day budget for 10 days.

To create a page promotion, go to your Facebook business page:

On the bottom left of the Admin Panel, you’ll see this box.

You can set your promotion based on Gender, Location, Interests, and/or Age.