What’s your Digital Strategy for the Holidays?

As we get closer to the official holiday season, smart marketers are planning to take full advantage. Tis the season to offer special deals, discounts and offers to end the year on a high note.

It’s a great time of year to send personalized mailers and campaigns, employ special media pieces, and create limited-time offers.  The holidays are unique in the sense that they only come once per year, so it’s a perfect time to do something special that goes above and beyond your typical communications.

This week, we’ll look at some specific ways you can customize your marketing for the holiday season!




Last year, Norton created a great memorable video for the holidays, and it explains what Norton does while being relevant, cute, and funny.  They even created a custom URL (norton.com/turkey) that directs users to a specific Online Backup page on their site.




Put Your Business in the Holiday Spirit!
  • Create a specific page on your Website for holiday sales or offers. Use keywords that people might use when searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Purchase seasonal keywords on Google. I have a friend in Roswell, GA who owns a jewelry store. He will use Google Adwords and advertise his Website for phrases such as ‘Christmas Gifts Roswell GA’ and ‘Hanukkah Gifts Atlanta’. He will run these ads for the next month or so and then turn them off.
  • Post your holiday coupon codes, sales, and discounts early.  This puts your ahead of your competition and gives customers plenty of time to buy!
  • Keep track of your holiday marketing campaign and mailer metrics.  This will be good data to analyze next year to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Create buzz for new products or services in the new year.  Either through videos or posts, give customers a sneak peak of what they can expect in 2014.
  • Create holiday e-mail blasts with special offers. Even if you’re a B to B business, companies often have budget to spend and are looking for deals they can take advantage of. Make sure you stay ‘top of mind’ all the way through the holiday season.



Be Thankful For Your Clients

Get in the holiday spirit with your social media!

Leading up to Thanksgiving, you often see people talk about what they’re thankful for on Facebook. Feel free to do a bit of this on your business profiles – let your clients know that you’re thankful for them. Reminder: During the holidays, we instruct our social media team to mention ALL of the holidays. No one likes to feel left out, so we try to mention any holiday that we believe our fans might be celebrating.