Social Media Overload!


I’m thrilled to announce that my second book Social Media Overload! is available for pre-order.  Full of strategy, actionable tips and advice, Social Media Overload! will help your business expand through social media.

Simply put, this book will be your guide for finally seeing RESULTS from your social media marketing!

The manuscript has been turned over and the book is being put together as I write this note. It should be available to the public by April 1st. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it sooner, I’ve created some opportunities for you to be part of the Social Media Overload Inner Circle. You’ll be able to get the book before it’s offered to the public and some other great perks to help your business succeed in 2014! Here’s the link to become part of our team! Click HERE.

Thank you for your continued support!

You Don’t Have to Be on Twitter!

You shouldn’t be on any social media platform without a clear reason for why you’re doing it and ways to measure results. If you’re not generating results from a particular social media site, then it’s just a hobby. You don’t need anymore hobbies.

This book will help you decide which strategies are right for you and your business. Here are some of the specific topics covered:

  • How to determine which sites are right for your business.
  • Website mistakes almost every business makes and how to fix them.
  • Why Your Google+ Local Business Page Might be Turning Customers Away.
  • How to stay ‘top of mind’ with prospects using content marketing.
  • Specific strategies for using Facebook and LinkedIn for business.




I want you on my team!


Check out the first chapter of Social Media Overload! for free here!

I’m not going the traditional route for this book. We’ve decided to go with a non-traditional publisher to avoid the 12-18 months process it takes to get the book to market. We have an aggressive timeline to get this book out in three months or less. I need to get it in your hands fast so you can take advantage of the strategies while they are relevant and current.

So I want you to be part of my team. By making an investment on our Indiegogo page, you’ll be part of the creation of this book. You’ll get it early and be offered some unique opportunities not offered to the public.


I hope you’ll become part of the Social Media Overload! team!