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In our last eBlast, I told you about the advanced copies of my new book, Social Media Overload!, along with a little bit of information about how the book can help you and your business.

This week, we’re diving into the content, and giving you some actionable value to use right away!

I’ve written this book to help you see RESULTS, and these tips will get you started.

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The #1 way to find out which social media sites to give your attention to, is to find out where your prospects are hanging out online.

If none of your potential clients are on Twitter, guess what? You don’t need to spend your time there!  It’s better to become very efficient in the social media sites where you may actually receive business.

These are some of the best ways to find those prospects and figure out their online habits:
  • Check your Web analytics. I use Google Analytics – it’s free and easy to install on your site. Analytics will tell you the sites that are referring the most traffic to your website. If you’ve spent equal time on Facebook and Twitter thus far, and one is at the top of your referring sites and the other isn’t on the list, it should tell you something.
  • Follow industry reports. Sites like love to share data about people and companies and how often they frequent social media sites. Do some searching and you can find out some very specific data about your industry and its online activity. We have to aim before we fire.



During a recent consultation with a client, I asked them to fill out a graph similar to the one below. We placed different web activities on the graph based on how frequently or infrequently they felt their customers and prospects participated in that activity.

As a group, we began to make assumptions about where their customers and prospects were spending time online. I challenged them to put some data behind this by either surveying their clients or doing some general research online. We were one step closer to figuring out the right places for this company to focus its time and attention.



Now it’s your turn! Here’s a blank graph for you to fill out based on how you think your customers and prospects are spending time online. Consider the activities listed below the graph as you fill it in.



– Facebook

– LinkedIn

– Twitter

– Check email (email marketing)

– Read news online (blogs)

– Watch videos (YouTube)

– Other


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