What You Need to Know about SEO in 2014
We’ve all heard of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – when talking about online business and marketing.
There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what helps you rank higher versus what’s a waste of time. In my new book, Social Media Overload!, I share SEO techniques that are simple, effective, and the best ways to rank higher in Google. When you truly know what your client wants – and can show up in search results when they need you – you can eliminate a lot of competition.
Finding and using the right keywords, posting on social media, and putting listings on the appropriate directories are all necessary to learn your ideal customer, then lead them to your “sweet spot” – where you make the sale.
This week, we’ll look into some specific tactics to get your website to the right spot. If you want the customer, you have to speak their language and figure out what they’re doing online!
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This week, I chat with Heather Lutze and discuss the important, and not so important, keys to getting your content to the top of Google.  Enjoy!




There are so many ways to increase your website’s rank in a search, which will bring people one step closer to your products or services. SEO practices are always changing and expanding, so staying on top of these methods is only going to benefit you!

Ranking organically is one of the most important things you can do for your online presence, as it’s a simple way to gain more traffic and potential sales.

These are some best practices for SEO and ranking higher online:

  • Use Title Tags. Put a quality title tag for every page on your site.
  • Fresh content. Having a blog on your website offers the opportunity for fresh content on a consistent basis.
  • Make your site social. Get those social media plugins on your site and allow others to Like, +1 you, and more. The more others are noticing your site, the more the search engines will notice your site.
  • Use Images. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great places to place your images. When titled well, these images can show up high on Google. Try any search with a person’s name and if he or she has a photo on the web, it will often show up first.
  • Keywords: On social media, strategically use keywords in everything you do. Yes, it will take some initial work, but you’ll reap the benefits in a couple of different ways, like ranking higher in search engines, because search engines pay attention to what goes on on social media.
  • Do the Research: Some investigative work is required. You need to discover exactly how people search for your products and services. Really think about the consumer’s path to purchase, including all the “informational, shopping, and purchasing” keywords.


Create a Google+ Business Page!

If your business has a physical location, having a Google+ local business page is essential if you want to rank high on Google when people search geographically (for example, dentist, columbus, ms).



In the example above, the circled results are Google+ local business pages and rank right below paid ads and a few major directories.

  1. Claim your listing.
  2. Create a robust profile with quality content, images, and even video! Make it easy for people to find you, contact you, and find out what you’re all about!
  3. Search for other directories that are important in your industry. For example, let’s say you’re an accountant in Miami. Do a Google search for “accountant Miami, Florida” and see what directories rank on the first page. If you see Yelp, then establish a presence on Yelp.com.
  4. Keep your page updated and up-to-date with relevant, correct information.

If you have questions on Google+, feel free to visit www.SocialMediaOverload.com for a video with specific instructions on how to claim your page and enter all of your critical info.