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These days, your Facebook business page could easily be the first thing your prospects see of your business online. Whether you’re in a good groove of posting and maintaining a presence, or your page could use a major revamp, try some of these tips to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Know Your Presence – When someone visits your business page, what impression is it giving? Do you have 5 fans and no updates for 3 months? That doesn’t send a great message to your prospects, and can change their view of your business to insignificant or out of touch.  Even worse, they might think you went out of business!
  • Encourage Conversation – Are you posting content that excites your readers? Inspires them to leave a comment? Ask questions, post something funny or culturally relevant, and see your engagement increase. A dead, low engagement Facebook page is no fun for you OR your prospects. To remedy this, try to put yourself in the minds of your readers and figure out what they would find valuable. Some good topics include: local sports, holidays, events, inspirational quotes, weather updates, just to name a few.
  • The 75/25 Rule – When posting for clients, we adhere to this rule. We use 75 percent of the content to offer value (informational articles, tips, free advice, etc.) to the readers and 25 percent to softly promote an offer from the company. Offers can also increase engagement significantly on your business page, as people love to “like” and comment on deals, specials, and new products.




New Changes to Facebook Business Pages

Times are changing for Facebook business pages! Referring to the changes as a new “streamlined” look, the changes can be expected soon, with some pages already receiving the new look.

There are quite a few changes coming, so stay in the loop and keep your page looking great and functional, from

  • The right-side column of the timeline will show all the page’s posts. All posts will appear consistently, in one line, as it does on a person’s timeline and on News Feed.
  • The left-side column will hold information about the page or business, including a map, hours of operation, phone number, website URL, photos and videos.
  • Key indicators, such as ads running, likes, post reach and unread notifications will be in a bar off to the right of the posts.
  • They’re adding a “Pages to Watch” feature under Page Insights, which allows Admins to keep track of pages similar to their own, and track this information.  This is really taking analytics to a new level, and allows you to see what’s the norm versus what you can improve for your audience.
Here’s an example of the Pages to Watch function:
Facebook says that these changes will make it easier for page owners and Admins to be able to access necessary information.
Once your business page changes over, take time to digest and really take advantage of what the changes have to offer!