Social Media Words of Wisdom!

It’s almost time for Social Media Overload! to launch, and it includes some excellent guest authors. You’re in for a treat and lots of extra social media knowledge! We have you covered with expert tips on YouTube, Twitter, websites, search engines, and so much more.

The advice and words of wisdom below comes from these guest authors — take some of their best tips to ramp up your social media efforts! Enjoy!




YouTube – Erik Qualman
  • Choose Good Music – Find successful videos that are similar to what you want to produce and use similar music. You can even consider using the same music if the music owner isn’t blocking it.
  • Provide Value – Don’t produce a video just to go viral or to get something from your audience. Provide value to your viewers! Produce your video with a clear purpose in mind, and if you want to include your brand information, mention it briefly at the end of the video.
Twitter – Jay Baer
  • The 5×1 Rule – For every tweet you send that is about you or your business, send at least five that are about someone or something else that has merit. This may sound counterintuitive,  but I can promise you it’s true. The more you shine the spotlight on other people on Twitter,  the more that spotlight will eventually shine back on you.
  • Tweet Often – Twitter isn’t like email where, if you send a message to someone, it stays in their inbox and they are quite likely to see it eventually. When you send a tweet, only the people that happen to be on Twitter at approximately the same time are likely to see your message. This is a fraction of your total followers. Send 5+ proactive Tweets each day, every few hours.
Website FAQs – Michael Tigue
  • Be Mobile Ready – How does your website look when viewed from a smartphone or tablet? Are parts of your website cut off? Does the user have to zoom in and out to navigate the website? Now, the easiest mobile-friendly solution is to select a “responsive” template.

    A good example of a responsive website is

  • A Few Seconds – Your site must have the ability to retain visitors on appearance alone for a few seconds. Many businesses have the absolutely most stunning furniture, woodwork, and showrooms, yet have absolutely disgusting websites. Do not neglect first impressions on the web. Don’t make this mistake!
Social Media Search – Heather Lutze
  • Use Keywords – Make sure you use the keywords in what I call THBLI (Title, Headline, Body, Links, Images). Once you find your keyword phrase, create content that has the wording clearly spread throughout the asset, i.e., blog, Facebook post, yes, even a tweet. Remember, Do NOT spam content, just sprinkle it appropriately.
  • Share – Share your thought leadership by starting with Google+ and then sharing it with other expert influencers in your space. Ask them to comment and share. Then make sure to take that one asset and set up a content calendar that redistributes it over multiple social media platforms. Make the most of your time and energy to create the content.
Social Media Marketing – David Newman
  • Put Your Best Content Forward – The ONLY way folks are going to pay you the big bucks is if they have a first-hand experience of your genius-if they feel it, taste it, touch it, and fully experience it. Only then will they want more.  When’s the last time you shared something for free that’s so valuable, people have paid you good money for it in the course of doing business with you?
  • Seek Engagement – An effective social media campaign will share information of stand-alone value and then invite a two-way (or five-way or 17-way) conversation around that information. How? Simple: ask questions, seek engagement, invite involvement.  For example, on your blog, end each post with the following: “What do YOU think? Use the comments area below and share your experiences or advice on this topic.”