Social Media Overload is HERE!


I’m so excited to share that the book has officially launched and can be ordered or downloaded from your favorite book site.

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This book was five years in the making. I refused to write a book just to get a new one out there- I wanted to make sure it was worthy of your time and attention. A year ago, an attendee at a speaking event ran up to me in a panic asking to get his Twitter feed syndicated to his Website. When I asked him about his business, he told me he sold medical supplies to the elderly.

He didn’t need to be on Twitter. You don’t need to be on any social media site unless it will positively impact your business. 

The book is specifically designed to show you how to generate maximum social media impact in minimum time.

If you purchase the book and submit an amazon review, email me at and I will ‘pay it forward’ by sending a free digital copy of the book to a business of your choice. It could be your favorite service provider or a non-profit that could use a stronger online presence. Let me know where to send it and I’ll take care of the rest. 

Thank you for all of your support over the years. I can’t wait to hear how the book helped you Avoid Social Media Overload and see REAL RESULTS from your digital marketing.


An Excerpt From Social Media Overload!

“You need to decide which digital strategies are right for your business. And cut out the rest.

Before you even think about your Facebook page or email marketing schedule, you need to take a step back and figure out where your prospects and customers are hanging out online. Then you can prioritize the areas on the web where you will focus your time and resources. This is the step that is almost always skipped and is the reason why so many businesses struggle to see results with their digital marketing efforts.

Once you have determined the sites that you are going to focus on, then you have to develop your digital marketing plan. You have one of those, right? This is the guide that every person who ever touches your website, blog, LinkedIn page, or any other digital asset must have in front of them. Every tweet you send out and every video you upload to YouTube has a purpose in your overall digital marketing plan.

You will never tweet just for the sake of tweeting ever again. (Note: This is also a rule in my house but takes on an entirely different meaning.)

You have some work to do prior to diving into a specific strategy or tool. But trust that this work will be the difference between seeing actual results from your efforts or simply spinning your virtual wheels.

Best Practice:

In every private consultation I have with a company, we start by answering some basic questions that help steer the remainder of our conversation. It gets them thinking about the overall strategy prior to heading down a particular path.

What are you trying to accomplish: brand awareness, new leads, customer engagement, etc.?Also, consider the following:

  1. What’s your content strategy: to entertain, to inform, to solicit feedback, etc.?
  2. Who will execute your plan: an intern, an outside firm, your team, etc.?
  3. How will you measure results: web traffic, web leads, sales, engagement, etc.?

This is a start, but a good plan should be reviewed and updated on a consistent basis. The more the executive team is involved in the big picture, the better your chance for success.”