How to get through to Google Customer Support
Most of us use Google products numerous times on a daily basis – YouTube, Gmail, Google+ Business Pages, and so on.
It’s only natural that we’ll run into a problem once in a while! Just the other day, my team had a question for Google that involved Google+ Business Pages.  It was very important that we talk to someone directly, and through some roundabout tactics, we made it happen! It’s not always easy to get in touch with Google (beyond online forums) unless it’s about AdWords.
Check out this week’s tip for our insider steps to successfully contact (and speak with) a Google Customer Support Rep!
Get in Touch with Google
Just the other day, our team had a question about Google+ Business Pages, but couldn’t find a number to contact Customer Support. We were trying to have a Google+ page removed, since it was associated with one of our clients, but no longer part of their company.
At first, it was very challenging to find a phone number to contact the Google department we needed – Google+ Business Pages.  Since we wanted to talk to a Customer Service Rep instead of using online community forums, we took the following steps to speak with someone on the phone:
Click the gear
  • Try Google Support: By going to, you can access the Google Help Center, which includes all departments. This is where the Google AdWords Rep will likely direct you on the phone, and from here, you can select the appropriate department.
  • Have Them Call You: Once you visit Google Support and select your department, you’ll see a Contact Us button on the top righthand corner.  Sometimes, this will give you the option to call who you need, but sometimes it will simply direct you back to the forums.  If you aren’t given a phone option, ask the Google AdWords Rep to please transfer you to the appropriate department directly, if possible. If it is an option, select the Request a Call button, enter your phone number, and Google will call you in approximately 10-30 seconds.
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