On April 21st, Google officially said they would start prioritizing sites that are mobile friendly.
According to DigitalTrends.com, “With more and more people using their smartphone rather than a PC to browse the Web, the Mountain View company has decided to start prioritizing sites that have been optimized for mobile over those that haven’t. Searches made on tablets and PCs are not affected by the changes.”

This is done as a benefit to the user, so they’re able to get optimized results that are relevant and optimized on their devices. It’s important that your site meet the standards so you continue to show up in Google searches.

According to Google, these are the 4 pieces of criteria that determine if a website is “mobile-friendly” or not: 

  • Text that can be read without zooming
  • Properly fits in the display without having to scroll across the screen to finish the rest of the content
  • Avoids uncommon software, such as Flash
  • Links are placed far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped
Is your site ready to go?
Take a look at this helpful tool from Google to determine if your site is mobile-friendly:
Click HERE to test your website!