What is Vertical Video Syndrome?

It happens when your cellphone videos show up like this on a computer or TV screen:

This is a problem for a few reasons:

  • Our eyes are meant to look at things horizontally, and until now, almost all screens show pictures horizontally
  • When you take videos with your phone, it may look okay on your screen, but once uploaded, it doesn’t look right
  • It’s awkward, not visually pleasing, and you can miss a lot of content on either side when filming and viewing this way
  • You can turn a photo, you can’t turn a video

Learn more about the dangers of Vertical Video Syndrome in this cute PSA:

I recently created this video for Dale Carnegie Training after my time in Chicago to show the technology that I use for my videos.

With this technology setup, you can put these items in your classroom to get excellent video testimonials that only help your business.
I shot this video for our Dale Carnegie clients, but you can use this technology too to start getting great customer testimonials!