I realized something today – I never buy from a cold call. Never have, never will. I get cold calls, cold emails, even cold knocks on the door. But I never buy. Not sure if it’s lack of trust, a frustration from the interruption, or just something inside me that screams WARNING WARNING WARNING!
But I buy products and services all the time. So the question is, when DO I buy?
95% of the time, I buy based on a referral. When a friend or family member shares their positive experience with me. That’s when I buy.
Sales experts often say that the way you buy is also the way you sell. This makes sense, as I took cold calling out of our marketing arsenal a long time ago. Almost ALL of our clients have come from a referral.
When we need to increase our referrals, here are a few things we do: 
Actions to take:
My favorite places to be referred:
Go forth and give and get referrals!