1. We will do six webinars over a three-month timeframe.
2. I’ve included the modules we will cover below.
3. It will be a small intimate group and will close as soon as we are maxed out.
4. The investment for this 3-month coaching program is $2,500. It will include six, 90-minute webinars and email support from me during the three months.
5. This is perfect for salespeople, business owners and executives looking to strengthen their personal brand.  I will show you exactly what I do personally and what I outsource.


Module 1:
Digital marketing overview 

You’ll create your plan. This will include the sites you’ll focus on, the type of content you’ll create and how often you’ll post.

Module 2:

We’ll review your Website and the group will give you feedback. You’ll have a list of changes to improve the effectiveness of your Website.

Module 3:

We’ll review your LinkedIn profile and the group will give you feedback. I will also share best practices on how to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool.

Module 4:

 Review your profile, make improvements, implement best practices.

Module 5:
Content marketing
(Blog, YouTube, eMail, Podcast)

 How to create compelling content and how to syndicate across platforms.

Module 6:
Tying it all Together

 How to manage it moving forward without quitting or driving yourself insane.

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If you’d like to be a part of this group, please email me asap at corey@wordpress-859552-2971782.cloudwaysapps.com and I’ll get you registered.