Did you know that you likely have messages on Facebook that you’ve never seen?
This is important and useful, as potential business contacts and those who you aren’t already connected with may be trying to send you important messages!
Here’s how it works:

I recommend checking this area once a month or so just to make sure you aren’t missing any important messages from prospects or clients. I hope this helps you like it has helped me!
Tired of social media overviews with no actionable takeaways? Would you prefer that your attendees leave with a specific to-do list they can immediately implement? Put them through an eBoot Camp and watch your conference evaluations soar!
Session objectives: 
1. 5 ways to makeover your LinkedIn profile and impress visitors.
2. The proper way to use your Personal Facebook Page for business.
3. The new rules of company Facebook pages and how to capitalize.
4. How to properly use Instagram for maximum business impact.
5. A strategy for creating compelling content that will engage your audience.
6. How to use Video and Images to rise above your competition!
Interactive, engaging and fun!
Duration: 90-minutes or 2.5 hour programs are available.
Audience: Business owners, small businesses, franchises, marketers

Each social media platform serves a different purpose along the sales cycle. Your attendees will learn the best ways to use their digital profiles to create new business opportunities, generate repeat business, and earn referrals.
Session Objectives: 
1. How to prospect using LinkedIn and turn cold calls into warm leads.
2. 5 Ways to Makeover your LinkedIn profile and Impress visitors.
3. How to stay ‘Top of Mind’ with prospects and customers without frustrating or annoying them.
4. The secret to deepening the relationship with customers so they’re not just hearing from you at invoice time.
5. A content strategy to help you be known as a thought-leader in your industry.
Duration: 90-minutes
Audience: Business executives, sales people, marketers, entrepreneurs
People make buying decisions based on what they see online. Are you confident in all of your online assets? Attendees will get a checklist of improvements they can make in every area that they are being evaluated.
Session Objectives: 
1. 7 website mistakes almost every business makes and how to fix them.
2. 5 Ways to Makeover your LinkedIn profile and Impress visitors.
3. The good, bad and ugly of your personal Facebook Profile.
4. How to be proactive and protect your online reputation on sites like Google and Yelp.
5. How to efficiently monitor social media for brand reputation management.
Duration: 90-minutes
Audience: Small businesses, business owners, franchises, marketers
  • Generate new traffic via our social media and digital marketing efforts.
  • Keep company ‘Top of Mind’ by producing high-value content consistently.
  • Strengthen credibility with consistent, professional branding across all sites (website, blog and social media sites).
  • Post to Company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts daily.
  • Create and send one email marketing piece per week or month and track open rates and click-throughs.
  • Create monthly press release and/or blog articles to promote positive news from the company.
  • Keep Website and social media sites updated with latest content from the company.
  • Manage company’s online reputation by monitoring all mentions and by encouraging positive reviews/testimonials from happy clients.