As most of you know, I’ve been very bullish on Facebook Live as a strategy for our clients. One of our clients, Ciao Bambino (A Luxury Travel Agency for Families), is posting weekly Facebook Live segments by their travel agents. During these segments, the agents talk about their favorite destinations and why it’s a perfect getaway for families. These videos are getting MUCH better engagement than any posts or pictures that we’ve posted prior.
Now, you can allow individuals to become broadcasters from your page and that’s the only role they have. They won’t have other administrative responsibilities that a typical admin would have. Now when an agent wants to go Live, they simply go to the Facebook Business page and a link is available for them to start the recording.

Remember to offer great value to the audience and give a clear call to action if they’d like to learn more about your business. And if you’d like even more engagement, consider boosting the video after it is recorded.