I love Delta Airlines. They have been my primary choice of airline for many years. I recently received an email from them with the opportunity to upgrade one of the legs of my trip to first class. As I was working through this transaction, I couldn’t help but notice the title of the page where I gave them my credit card info. Upsell Payment it said. Geez, at least pretend to make me feel like you’re not upselling me.

Now, I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I think it is an important lesson for the rest of us. If we leave the title of our pages up to our web designer, they may not take into account that the titles of our web pages are also public to our visitors. Maybe the title ‘Upgrade Opportunity’ or ‘You Deserve This!’ might have been more appropriate.

If you hover your cursor over the tab in Chrome, the whole title will display. Does it accurately describe that page? Any improvements needed? If so, simply ask your web designer to change the Title Tag of that page to the title of your choosing. It’s an easy fix that can make for a better customer experience and help you with the search engines as well!
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