Mastering your Facebook targeting strategy gets you in front of very specific and often motivated segments of your audience, on the network where Americans religiously spend an average of 40 minutes of their day.
Here are some strategies to keep in mind:
Facebook allows you to access insights and target audience segments by thousands of different purchasing behaviors.
Facebook has pretty much every conceivable life event targeting option, since we tend to post these to our timelines.
Getting in front of your existing customers and app users on their favorite social network reinforces your brand, but also gives you the opportunity to increase lifetime customer value, order frequency, and loyalty.
Lookalikes allow you to expand beyond your reach but still target people with highly specific profiles, by creating audiences that look like your own targets.
The really powerful thing about Facebook ads is in your ability to layer targeting options on top of one another, gradually making your audience more and more specific.
As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, ‘Don’t be a Jack of All Media Trades, Master of None.’ But don’t just count social out by grouping it all together…there are some phenomenally powerful things that business people can do on social to increase their business. You have to get to the stuff that matters.

I had the opportunity to chat about Social Media Overload with my friend Heather Lutze on her Search Party Podcast. The podcast features industry experts talking with Heather about how businesses can dominate online. It was inspired by frustrated business owners who have had negative experiences with the techie people in their lives.