We all want to put out the best-looking content possible, but it’s important to ask yourself

If you’re not careful with your content, you may find yourself facing some expensive trouble. When using images, make sure you purchase the right to use the photo or use a royalty-free image from a site like pixabay.com.
Also, make sure you and your team know what content your business actually owns, what you have permission to use, and what is not yours. Your business owns creative content that your employees create while working for your company. Your business does not own content that freelancers or contractors create for you (unless you have a specific agreement in place that identifies you as the owner). You do not own the creative works that you license, either. For example, if you were to purchase an image through Pixabay or AdobeStock to use on your blog, you’ve been given permission to use it in very specific ways through a licensing agreement. Make sure you’re familiar with that agreement so you don’t violate the terms!  
When it comes to the content for our clients, our team carefully selects the posts that we share AND we create the majority of our posts for just that reason. We select the license-free image, we create the content and then we share. This is the most ironclad way to ensure we are not accidentally infringing on any copyrighted material.