On my latest LinkedIn Live video, I talked about some powerful sales strategies that I’ve learned and used over the years that have meant a lot to me and my team, and how they work in social media today. I’m sharing them with you so you can use on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, wherever your prospects are!
Keep these social media sales strategies in mind: 
1. Build rapport with your clients using a checklist- find out what their hobbies, interests, passions, anniversaries, etc. are in order to build your relationships. We can connect at a deeper level more quickly and effectively than ever before by connecting on Facebook, which is where a lot of this kind of information lives.
2. How has social media changed the look of prospecting? With the ability to target. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are learning so much about us – demographics, interests, buying habits. If you’re not paying to pinpoint an audience based on the data those social sites have collected, you’re missing a great opportunity.
3. Staying top of mind without frustrating or annoying people- if we can connect with people on a site like Linkedin (or the platforms of their choice) and share educational information, answer questions, deliver value, we can easily stay top of mind. When they are ready to buy, you’ll be the first person they think of because of the valuable content you share.
4. Word of mouth- the power of word of mouth exposure is better than it’s ever been because of social media. BUT you’ve got to be referable! Make sure your business is updated and alive and well on social, which makes it easy for people to tag your business and check in. When someone is happy, you need to ask them to share their experience online! A recommendation from a friend is way more trustworthy and effective than any advertisement you could ever do.
5. Referrals- look at your contacts and see who they’re connected with on social media. The power of LinkedIn is not in your connections, but in your connections’ connections! You can see how the business family tree works thanks to LinkedIn. So take a look what kind of connections you have to a company you’re trying to reach, and they can help you turn a cold call into a warm lead.
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