My First Ride.

I don’t think there’s a more passionate group of people than Harley riders. They are the poster children for brand ambassadors. And believe me,  I can relate. I, too, have a two-wheeled machine that has ignited my soul each time I’ve taken her for a spin.

Now my heavenly hog has a lot in common with a standard Harley – the only difference being that it’s a scooter.

Not just any scooter though – this bad boy is hot cherry red and can top out at over 30 mph…with the wind and a steep decline. In other words, it’s fast.

My friends call it a Hardley – I don’t get the reference.

I’m very safe. I bought the top of the line helmet to cover me in case of a high-speed crash.


There’s a cool ‘rider’ code that we bikers have that we wave to each other as we pass each other on the road. I’m guessing there’s a ‘new rider’ initiation phase though as no one has waved back just yet. My wife is super pumped about taking her first ride on the back…just waiting for some clearance from her doctor she mentioned.

Anyway, this is not about my sweet ride, but the missed opportunity from the dealership that sold me Red Velvet. There was no better time to capture a testimonial from me than right after my first ride. Timing is everything when it comes to testimonials or reviews and we have to know when our customers are at their peak satisfaction.

Now? It’s just a fun way to get from my house to the coffee shop…avoiding any roads faster than 35mph of course.


So when’s the right time for you to ask for a review? Make sure you have a system in place to ask for the review at the right time and watch your positive online feedback soar!