This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael J Maher on The Daily Dose – Referrals Podcast all about one of my favorite topics (as I’m sure you know)…social media, and how you should be approaching your social strategy right now.
Check out some highlights from out chat below:
How to Make Personal Connection the Key to your Success
If you haven’t already, I suggest connecting personally with your “VIP” or “champion” clients. It can be a tough decision to allow your clients to see into your personal life, but what it’s done is allowed me to connect and find out organically hat is going on in their lives – kids’ graduations, what challenges they’ve overcome, etc. This helps us strengthen those relationships with your clients.
Specifically during this time, solidify your base. Personal connection with your clients – a phone call, a text, email, video chat – is going to mean so much more than mass communication. Have some sort of weekly check-in to find out how you can best be supporting them and their business. Show them you have their back.
Take Advantage of Having Too Much Time
Look at what you’ve put in your important-but-not-urgent box:
  • Make sure your website is mobile responsive, and has up-to-date, current information for todays world
  • Use this opportunity to make over your LinkedIn profile– do you have professional photography on there? Ho’s your professional summary? Do you need to update your experience?
  • Are your business’s Google Local and Yelp pages accurate– with current business hours, current services you provide, etc.? re they equipped with quality reviews?
All these assets online are either winning or losing us business, but we often don’t pay attention to them because we’re too busy.
The Most Valuable Social Media Strategy
I’ve been preaching this for 7+ years, and still to this day it is the most valuable strategy in all of social media – using LinkedIn to build your referral base.
1) Make sure you’re connected with your sphere of influence
2) The power of LinkedIn is in your network’s network – in having your network refer you to others in their network
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