Is there a difference between passive listening and active listening? Can you do one (or the other) effectively on social media? 
We asked this same question HERE, and I’d truly love to hear your thoughts on the difference between the two and how someone can demonstrate active listening on social.
As many of you know, my father created a parenting curriculum called the Nurturing Father’s Program. In the program, he talks about the importance of active listening with our children and how to move from passive to active listening. Here are a few ways:
1. Demonstrate empathy in your response. ‘I can see how that must make you feel.’
2. Restate what you heard to ensure accuracy. ‘What I’m hearing you say is….’
3. Ask follow up questions. ‘So, what do you think the best response is moving forward?’
4. Thank them (and validate them) for their openness and honesty. ‘I sincerely appreciate your perspective, and it means a lot that you shared with me.’
These ideas really do help to achieve a deeper and more effective conversation with my kids…and other relationships as well.
So how do we translate active listening to social media? 
For me, I think the exact same rules apply. Especially with difficult and courageous conversations. If we decide to engage in meaningful conversations on social, let’s strive to be active listeners instead of passive listeners…or worse…obnoxious talkers.
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