I recently listened to a great podcast episode on LinkedIn advertising, and I wanted to share a few tidbits from it with you. On the Social Pros podcast, LinkedIn Ads pro and Founder of B2Linked, AJ Wilcox, shared some wise tips on building successful ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn ads compare to other platforms: while costs per click on LinkedIn ads are often higher than you’d find for Facebook or Instagram ads, this is because, theoretically, the value of the business-focused audiencefound on LinkedIn merits that kind of expense if you’re able to monetize that click behavior on the back end.

One of the most important things to keep in mind as you try out, or make the most of, your LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn’s main goal is to make money and their default suggestions will often lead to unnecessarily high ad spend and not much return on investment.
Why LinkedIn Live is gaining a lot of traction and engagement: LinkedIn has just released the ability to set events – meaning you don’t need to just “decide” to go Live and hope some people show up, you can new set up and promote (via organic or paid posts) your event. This provides an even easier way to plan episodic Live content.
Targeting LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn ads allow for a lot of demographic mixing in order to best reach your desired audience. LinkedIn itself has a ton of data on how people use the platform – for example, they know that if you’ve looked at a few job postings, you’re likely in the market for a job. They’ve just recently started opening up this data to be used in ad creation.
Superior calls to action to use in LI ads: I’ve said this a bunch, and AJ echoes the sentiment here – the best types of asks we can offer in our ads are where we’re giving people something of extreme value in exchange for their personal information. A checklist, a guide, a free event, whatever makes the most sense for your business. These will perform much better than ads with a CTA of “contact a rep”, or on the other end of the spectrum, “come read this blog post”.
How to use LI to help achieve your goals: If you share something that people are willing to socially engage with, that’s the fuel that LinkedIn looks for to decide if they should keep pushing it past your followers. The best thing ANYONE can do is to get on there and start sharing things you find interesting, with the goal being to get someone to comment – comments are the ultimate fuel for virality.
Listen to the full episode HERE.
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