How in the world is it already July?!? Although the pandemic has made each day feel like the last, we have somehow made it to halfway-mark of a challenging and tumultuous 2020. I strongly believe that the 2nd half will be when we make our comeback.
But there’s work to do. 
I spent a few hours last night auditing some social media pages. A common trend I noticed is a major decrease in posts dating back to when the crisis began. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages turned silent. Once a consistent, steady stream of value-rich posts has turned to a trickle… or a complete stop.
This is not how we will make our triumphant return.
This weekend, I challenge you to take a look at your digital footprint and ask yourself the following:
– Are we consistent across all platforms? Do we have social profiles not being managed?
– Are we consistently adding value? How many posts did we do in May? June? Did our frequency drop?
– Are we letting our followers know how they can work with us during these challenging times?
– Are we responding to comments and messages quickly? 
– Are we actively adding followers to our social platforms? 
– Do we have a plan for July, Aug, Sep? And how will we communicate this plan over social?
No matter if you’re an army of one or work within a large company, don’t allow your social channels to collect dust or die on the vine. This is not a time to disconnect, but instead, engage and build credibility with our tribe. So go take a look and give yourself or your company an honest grade. And if you’re a C or below, welcome to my high school report card. AND, send me an email so we can get you back on track. I have a talented team of Digital Marketing Specialists ready to keep you ‘top of mind’ and engaged with your digital tribe. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the other critical areas of your business.
To our Canadian friends, I hope you had a great Canada Day – and to our American friends, enjoy the 4th of July!