As leaders, sometimes we’re so busy driving and directing traffic, we forget to check under our company’s hood. How close are you to your digital image? How about your content? Are you meeting your audience on their terms and fulfilling their needs?  
More than ever before, people are make buying decision online instead of face to face or over the phone. It is our job to give off the best impression we can, and to give people every reason to buy from us instead of our competition.
Over the last few weeks I’ve gone back to some of our clients that we used to work with, to check in with them and see how they’re doing. One thing I’ve noticed is that when leaders get busy, they take their eyes off the prize. I went back to see their social media presence and their website – where their prospects will be looking – and nothing is going on.
I think a lot of us as leaders forget to regularly take a look at these things going on behind the scenes of our business. Are you checking your website? Your social media content? This is important to do regularly – THIS IS YOUR BRAND. What impression are you giving your prospects and clients?
Check out my LinkedIn Live video below: