I’ve been thinking a lot this last week of July about what decisions we as a company need to make as we anticipate August.
At Impact Social, we’ve been rethinking some of our industries that we are looking to provide services for, that we may not have previously thought of before Covid. These are industries that may actually be doing better now than before the pandemic hit. 
The US Chamber of Commerce complied a list of industries that are doing extremely well during this time. A few examples are:
  • fitness equipment companies- people are buying weights and bands to be able to work out from home
  • game makers and sellers
  • canned and jarred goods companies
  • meal prep delivery services
  • liquor and wine sales
  • grocery stores
So, as we go into August, ask yourself a few questions:
Do we need to pivot at all in terms of the industries we’re going after?
We’re on month 5, going into month 6 of this pandemic – what does our content need to look like from a social media perspective? Instead of being reactive, how can we be proactive?
Are you meeting people where they are? What solutions can you provide?
Check out more in my LinkedIn Live video below: