Afternoon friends,
Brand consistency is not just for big brands. We should all strive to tell a cohesive, consistent, and compelling story across any digital platforms in which we are active.
This week, we’re helping a dance studio and home builder redesign their online assets to match the quality of the products and services they offer. Our collective goal is for people to be just as impressed, encouraged, and confident when they check them out online as they are when they walk in the studio or showroom. 
I really appreciate this article put out last year by C & D Advertising on why brand consistency across social platforms is so crucial. According to the article, these reason include:
  • Professionalism: consistent marketing and branding automatically elevates your reputation as a business. It not only shows that your business is alive and active, but it gives people a sense that they are engaging with a real place and real people.
  • Brand Recognition/Customer Familiarity: with a properly marketed business, along with some help from satisfied customers, the decision-making process can be made a little easier for new consumers.
  • Reputation to Peers/Competition: make sure you are doing everything you can to get your message out and establish yourself in the community as a reliable and loyal company.
So here’s a question I’d like you to ponder: Is your online brand consistent with your offline brand? In other words, does your online brand match the quality of your products or a high level of services? If not, I encourage you to work towards the goal of creating a consistent, high-level, professional brand that is worthy of the immense value that your business provides.
All my best,